Carla Lisbeth Rueckert (07/16/1943 – 04/01/2015)

Today I heard of the death of a great friend and tutor, Carla Lisbeth Rueckert. She died on April 1st, at 71 years old, beside her husband JimMcCarty at her home in Louisville, Kentucky. According to his report, her death was peaceful and quick, which comforts us a little bit but doesn’t diminish the feeling of mourning.

It’s hard to define what Carla represented – and still represents – for me. An example to be followed; an outpost of Light and Love in the middle of so much hate, fear and egotism; one of the few people that I respected – and still respects – in an unconditional way. It was her who taught me the true meaning of Faith and Love, and it had a repercussion of cosmic proportions in my life.

I remember when I was visiting them in Louisville in February 2013. One of the things that caught my attention the most were little pieces of paper glued all around the house with specific messages – on the bathroom’s sink, for instance, the little paper said “Thank you for the water”, and that sums up her personal view: to love unconditionally and to give thanks for everything and everyone that crossed her life, for more briefly or apparently insignificant a contact might have been.

Carla wasn’t only the channel of a material called The Law of One, which by itself would deserve the immortalization of her memory. No, she wasn’t only that – she was also the incarnation of the principles that she helped to bring forth. Today her work is acknowledged worldwide, and if one day she was capable of serving as the bridge to such high-level knowledge as that transmitted by the social memory complex known as Ra, it was only possible because she was as transparent and clear as the words that she helped materializing in this world.

One side of me is evidently sad for her departing, but another side – my best side, I dare say – knows that she moved from death to life, and not the opposite. We that remain here in this little blue sphere called Earth are the true unfortunate ones, and actually it was her who should be mourning us.

But you know what? It’s definitely not Carla’s style – if we could hear her words from the other side of the Gateway to Intelligent Infinity, I’m sure she would be saying that life on Earth is a blessing, even when it seems the opposite, and that we should give thanks every day for all the experiences catalysed through our existence inside this complex garb that we call human body.

And she would be right.

We that keep existing in, and experiencing the third density have the duty/honor of moving on with the work that she helped to perpetuate, a work that transcends creed, race, geography, time and space – a work that has only one demand: that we seek Truth inside ourselves, and that asks that we materialize this Truth the best way we can, building our own personal myth along the path, aiding in our own awakening and, by example, aiding those around us in their own awakening.

Rest in peace, Carla, but not for long, because those who know you know also that you will retake you work on the other side of the veil really, really soon. I direct all of my love to you and Jim, the last steward of the original group that brought to life the Law of One material that was responsible for awakening so many people from a deep and painful slumber.

From a wanderer to an ex-wanderer, my sincere votes of success in your new journey.


With Love/Light,