After two years of hiatus, I’m glad to announce that Project Anima will be back to action in the forthcoming weeks. Started in 2010 and put to a halt in 2012 so I could focus on writing the Android Game Programming book (in Portuguese only), the project has as its goal creating a highly flexible, plugin-based game engine, filling its foundation with open-source libraries like SDL, OpenAL, Ogre, Bullet etc., besides using standards like XML, X3D, SMIL, Collada and XHTML/CSS.

The main goals of this first stage of the project’s resurrection are:

  1. Revising the project’s architecture;
  2. Generating the architecture’s documentation;
  3. Including the SDL 2 library as one of the project’s pillars.

The source code is available on Github but bear in mind that the architecture’s revision will change both the game engine’s structure and its public interfaces.

I must confess that I wasn’t expecting the book to take that long to be produced — all of this time away from the project got me a bit distressed, and I’m relieved that I can finally get back to work, so stay tuned for further news about the project!